Metal turning

Turning is the process of choice for manufacturing rotationally symmetrical metal components. We provide precision surface finishes to meet the highest requirements, and deliver the best quality at the required quantity.

We use the latest turning machinery and have long been utilizing CNC technology. We can manufacture high-precision one-off items as well as provide small to medium series production. We also offer the same services for milling and are able to meet the most complex of metal-working requirements using CNC milling technology.

The lathe – at the heart of machining production

What would a metal-working company be without decent lathes? Turning, i.e. the machining of rotating metal components, has for centuries been the core task of every blacksmith and metal workshop. The turning process to produce high-precision components has and is indispensable in metalworking.

We are a traditional company and use turning and milling for the manufacture, repair and maintenance of complex tools.

Experience and expertise – our most valuable assets

A defective machine can be replaced. Replacing a skilled worker is much more difficult. High-end equipment is vital but even more important are skilled machinists. Training as a turner is especially tough. In addition to the knowledge gained during an apprenticeship, we also train our machinists for the special needs of our customers. This includes skills in using the latest manufacturing techniques which are also needed for expert turning. We use the latest CNC technology for both turning and milling. Our many years of experience ensure consistent quality whatever the quantities and tolerances needed.

Never losing sight of quality turning

Turning and milling are precision procedures. Tolerances must always be maintained and require careful quality control.

  • We provide 100% control for small component series.
  • For larger series, we apply tried and tested quality control procedures based on our quality inspection plans.

Potential problem areas in turning are the cutting tools. Sintered turning plates, carbide bits or helical cutters: these all undergo gradual wear. To detect early signs of such wear, we regularly inspect the tolerances of turned products. Worn turning and milling tools can then be detected at an early stage so that replacements can be made and quality assured. This avoids rejects during production.

Professional turning and milling

When quality is vital, we are the partner for your turning and milling requirements. From one-off components to medium series production, we will be glad to accept your order.