Tool making – Precision from perfection

The quality of a product is only as good as the quality of the tool that made it. If tolerances for a machined component are required at tenths of a millimetre, then the tool requires hundredths of a millimetre precision. Tools produce consistent quality at fast rates only under stringent quality control procedures.

Tool and die making depend on trust

Average results from second-rate methods may be acceptable for many things, but not for tool and die making. Success in this field of mechanical engineering requires three conditions.

1. Qualified personnel

2. High-quality materials

3. Many years of experience

For generations we have been providing these three conditions to deliver customers only the best results. This is evident from our success. Our own engineering, tools and toolsets for around 5,500 completed components has secured our place in the market and prepared us for any task.

Highly qualified personnel in training and production

We are aware of our corporate social responsibilities. This includes giving young people career prospects. That's why we train our own employees. This is the only way for each qualified member of staff to learn the quality we need.

Once trained as toolmakers, we offer our young employees attractive conditions in order to retain them. This includes opportunities for further training. Product training and specialist seminar events ensure our personnel are always kept up to date.

We also successfully promote personal development for our staff and support further study at technical or distance-learning colleges. The result is satisfied, highly qualified personnel who we have complete confidence in.

High quality machines and equipment

Any amount of knowledge and experience becomes worthless if we fail to invest in the right equipment. We therefore always have the latest machinery. In addition to conventional machines, we also use the latest generation of CNC turners and millers.

We specialise in stamping and deep drawing tools as well as hydroforming. We have already been able to gain plenty of experience in the still niche area of hydroform metalworking. We are ready for any task whether for prototypes and sample products or specialised components.

The ideal combination for our customers

Experience, qualified personnel and the best equipment are the ingredients of our success. We have already successfully fulfilled international toolmaking projects for deep drawing and hydroforming. In addition to quality, we also focus on deadlines and always deliver the product needed within the required time.