Metal spinning

Metal spinning is a process for producing symmetrical components through rotation. It is used when press tool equipment is unsuited for economic or technical reasons.

Economic, fast and efficient – our metal-spinning department

Covers, floors and flanges as prototypes or small series production are the types of products typical for the metal-spinning procedure. For large series production, presses with the relevant tools are used. Making the tools for these can, however, require lots of effort and are often uneconomic compared to spinning.

Metal forming by spinning is then an option. A round blank is fixed to a spinning lathe, rotated and pressed into form using rollers. The product is then removed from the lathe for further processing.

High precision metal forming

Form spinning from sheet metal is the oldest and most traditional method of production. Although it may seem simple – the pressing of a rotating metal against a profile – it requires skill and experience to achieve the best results. We use the latest CNC technology for the spinning process.

Maintaining consistent quality is a core factor in our company's philosophy. Our team undergo continuous training and development to guarantee the high quality of our products.