Measurement technology and procedures

Our quality control always conforms to the latest standards. We use state-of-the-art equipment to continually deliver the best products.

Quality control as the key in successful production

It is vital that precision components remain within the required tolerances. This applies equally to technical resilience and the required dimensions. To achieve the highest quality for each component requires consistent inspection and checking of dimensions. Quality assurance should not hinder productivity so measurement and inspection procedures are designed for efficiency. Fast precision measurements are key in guaranteeing consistently high quality even for large production series.

We make no compromises on quality

To exceed customer expectations in this delicate area is a question of approach. We do not just rely on micrometers for checking a component's geometry. Our services include surface quality control and technical resilience inspection.

The full range of measurement technology

The quality assurance we offer is comprehensive and based on narrow thickness materials. We provide:

  • Tactile inspection
  • Visual inspection
  • Manual inspection
  • Surface finish inspection
  • Hardness testing
  • Coating thickness testing
  • Torque testing

To inspect complex structures, we use coordinate measurement machines or templates with measuring projectors. Analogue micrometers are used primarily for tool making. For series production, we use the latest models with digital interfaces. Static evaluation for consistent quality control is provided by hand-held digital measuring equipment. Deviations from the required tolerances are quickly detected and centrally recorded. 

Our surface inspection procedures ensure products meet the demands for coating and other technical requirements. If required, we also inspect surface roughness levels.

The hardness of a material indicates the level of its resilience. Hardness testing is therefore necessary to ensure products meet their technical requirements. We use Rockwell hardness testing equipment to check the properties of a product.

To ensure coated products can withstand the required loads requires inspection of coating thickness. This is also a service we offer on request.

Skilled, experienced and ready to deliver quality control

Quality requires commitment and awareness. And of course having the right skills. Our employees are kept up to date on the latest developments in quality control through in-house and external training. We are well aware that quality begins with personnel.

The measurement technology we use undergoes constant modernisation to meet the increasing needs of our customers. We are therefore always able to deliver top results even for the most difficult of tasks. We are ideally equipped to deliver precision sheet metal products to tolerances of 1/500 mm at thicknesses ranging from 0.01–4.0mm.

The latest measurement technology, committed personnel and – Passion

Quality and precision is our vocation. We use the latest methods, the best qualified personnel and have the right approach so that you can be confident of being in the best of hands. The highest precision in every aspect of measurement technology means satisfied customers and the continued success of our company. We are glad to receive requests for specialised tasks. We are particularly keen to apply our measurement technology to new requirements, and to be true to our philosophy of always going one step further.